In MacOS, after installing Bootcamp, our Windows partition is automatically mounted on our MacOS desktop after every boot. This is a security issue, since it allows anything on Mac OS to easily modify data on our Bootcamp partition, as well as a nuisance, because it shows a drive on our MacOS desktop that we will never use unless booted into Bootcamp. In this quick tutorial, you are going to learn how to easily prevent your Bootcamp partition from automatically mounting on your MacOS desktop your Mac boots. This will make things more secure, and a bit more tidy. Continue to the first step to do this.

1) Open your terminal app

2) Type the following

diskutil list

and hit enter.

3) Note the disk volume of your bootcamp partition, (example: /dev/disk0s3)

4) Next find the Volume UUID of your bootcamp partition by typing

diskutil info /dev/diskXsY

where X is your disk and Y is your bootcamp partition. For example…

diskutil info /dev/disk0s3

The result will return something similar to the following:

   Device Identifier:         disk0s3
   Device Node:               /dev/disk0s3
   Whole:                     No
   Part of Whole:             disk0

   Volume Name:               BOOTCAMP
   Mounted:                   No

   Partition Type:            Microsoft Basic Data
   File System Personality:   NTFS
   Type (Bundle):             ntfs
   Name (User Visible):       Windows NT File System (NTFS)

   OS Can Be Installed:       No
   Media Type:                Generic
   Protocol:                  PCI-Express
   SMART Status:              Verified
   Volume UUID:               D375178C-A53D-7155-A406-9DB82965E292
   Disk / Partition UUID:     E13F890C-9D4G-4B3B-BE38-9DG7A36740DD
   Partition Offset:          1588209909760 Bytes (3101972480 512-Byte-Device-Blocks)

   Disk Size:                 411.6 GB (411634374144 Bytes) (exactly 803973387 512-Byte-Units)
   Device Block Size:         512 Bytes

   Volume Total Space:        0 B (0 Bytes) (exactly 0 512-Byte-Units)
   Volume Free Space:         0 B (0 Bytes) (exactly 0 512-Byte-Units)

   Media OS Use Only:         No
   Media Read-Only:           No
   Volume Read-Only:          Not applicable (not mounted)

   Device Location:           Internal
   Removable Media:           Fixed

   Solid State:               Yes
   Hardware AES Support:      No

5) Note the Volume UUID (mine is D375178C-A53D-7155-A406-9DB82965E292) and copy it into your clipboard.

6) Then, in your terninal, type

sudo vifs

and enter your password.
7) Once in vifs, type ‘a‘ and hit enter.
8) Create a new line on the bottom of the page.
9) Copy and paste this EXACTLY as it is printed here (except) replace the UUID with your Volume UUID that you copied in step 5….

# Forbid Mounting of Bootcamp at boot by uncommenting the line below
UUID=YOUR-BOOTCAMP-VOLUME-UUID-HERE       none    ntfs    ro,noauto

Mine looks like this

# Forbid Mounting of Bootcamp at boot by uncommenting the line below
UUID=D375178C-A53D-7155-A406-9DB82965E292       none    ntfs    ro,noauto

10) Press escape, then hold shift and type zz to save the file.

11) Congratulations! Bootcamp will now be properly forbidden from auto-mounting at MacOS Boot.


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